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We mean business when it comes to home lift products and related services. Backed by more than 10 years experience, we have carved a niche in the industry as a top provider of safe and dependable lifts. Today, we are authorized to distribute & install Stannah home lifts to customers based in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

To deliver the best service and products to our customers, we have partnered with Stannah, the leading name in crane, lift and hoist industry.

Stannah, a company with a rich history that dates back to 1867, is known for its commitment to quality, and provides the market with a responsive product line that works protect and pamper its customers not just in Indonesia, but also in other parts of the world.

As part of its agreement with Stannah, CSAccess Technology Indonesia now carries a comprehensive portfolio that includes stairlifts, inclined platform lifts and home lifts.

Stannah products are assembled in the United Kingdom, and all units that come out of the production line have been tested for quality and reliability.


Stairlifts come in different configurations, and can work in and out of your home. For indoor use, the most popular options are Solus, Sadler, Sofia, Siena and Starla, while the Outdoor model is great for use outside your home. Each lift is designed with comfort in mind, for your specific needs.

Indoor Stairlifts


These are modern-looking lifts known for their efficiency and practicality with a range of upholstery options


Considered the most stylish of the bunch, the Sofia comes with multiple options to promote customer safety and comfort


Another premium lift product with a full suite of features, and accommodates the highest load


This premium product is designed ergonomically, with improved load capacities compared to other models


This can work for individuals with weak knees, who will have difficult getting on and off a regular chair; this product is highly recommended for homes with straight or curved stairs

Outdoor Stairlifts


The premium lift product that is designed to work outside your home; it is made of parts and material that can withstand the elements

For homes and buildings with narrow staircases, the inclined platform lifts are the best solutions, particularly if you use a wheelchair. At CSAccess Technology Indonesia, you can count on two models: Slim and Logic.


For narrow and curved stairs, the Slim option can work wonders; this is a highly reliable lift for a building where there are space constraints


This works for your home with straight stairs, and great for homeowners expecting a higher load capacity

Compared to inclined platform lifts and stairlifts, home lifts are designed like an elevator, which move passengers from one floor to the next. Home lifts can carry one to four individuals, and can also accommodate a person in a wheelchair or one who uses a walking frame. At CSAccess Technology Indonesia, you can choose from the Midilift, Duo or Trio.


The Midilift is a very flexible lift that can work both for indoor or outdoor applications.

This is a highly reliable product manufactured in the UK, and can move up to 4 persons as well as a person in wheelchair.


As the name suggests, this home lift for your building can accommodate up to 2 persons.

You can choose from the Classic, Vista and Thru Car variants, with the latter featuring dual exits and entries.


This is designed to accommodate up to 3 passengers in a freestanding unit.

Just like the Duo, the Trio is available in 3 design configurations to meet specific needs: the Classic, Vista and Thru Car.

Safety and mobility in your home should not be compromised. When quality and reliability matters to you, contact our company today to learn about our new products, and learn how our elevators can improve your comfort and safety while increasing your mobility.

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