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Lift Questions

In an effort to provide the best support and services to our customers, we make sure that all feedback and comments from our customers are reviewed and noted. In case you have questions about our services and our product line-up, we invite you to read the following answered to frequently asked questions to learn more about what we can do for you. And please do contact us if you do not find the answer to the questions you may have.

Fees & Free Quotes

Will I be charged for the estimates that I request?

All request for quotes and inspections are free-of-charge, and with no obligation to buy on your part. Our company is committed to a ‘No Pressure’ policy, which means that we do not put any pressure on our customers for them to buy what we feel are the best lifts and mobility products on the market. Our representative is trained to inspect your home, explain the products available and how they can be installed in your home. Even if the lift products are perfect for your property and a professional installation is possible, our team will never charge for the quotes provided.

How much will I pay for the lift and new mobility products in Indonesia?

All installations that involve the best lift products are done with your specific requirements and needs in mind. The actual price of the installation will depend on a number of things, such as the design and size of the stairs, or whether the new lift will be installed outside or inside the home. If you want to know the exact price of the ordered new lift, we suggest that you contact us – our team can arrange for an inspection to check the area in your home and how the installation can be conducted, and from there we can provide you with the answers that you need in the form of price quotes.


What are the standards that are followed by Stannah?

What Stannah offers is a premium quality found in every lift they make. These products are designed and manufactured with British technology and safety requirements in mind. This means that before a new lift is introduced in Indonesia, the in-house team ensures that the product passes quality requirements.

Is the company accredited?

Stannah carries a number of accreditation and is the recipient of a number of awards, all of which provide validation that the company manufactures some of the best products in the market. It is also a member of many professional groups, and this commitment to quality can be seen in the quality of business support. You can read more about Stannah here.


Do you need to attach the stairlifts to the walls?

No, none of our stairlifts are attached to the wall of your house or building. The rails of these lifts can be attached to the stair steps, to the floor, and to the staircase landing.

Will a stairlift work on narrow stairs or homes with limited space?

Yes, we have the answer for narrow stairs and tight spaces such as the compact Sadler stairlift. In addition, all of our stairlifts can have their seats, arms and footrests easily folded against the rails when not in use, thereby taking up little space on the stairs when not in use.

Can your stairlift work on curved stairs?

Yes, with our custom and bespoke products customized to your needs, you can be assured of getting a stairlift that will work on your curved stairs. Our models that are engineered and designed for curved stairs will easily go around and hug the bends.

How long will it take to install the stairlift? Will it disrupt our regular household activities?

The installation of the stairlift may be completed in just a few hours, and we can schedule it such that the installation will not impact or affect your regular schedule. You also don’t need to worry about the mess and the damage on your home since our professional staff will make sure that the area is cleaned after the installation . What we offer is quality help, and a fast professional lift service.

Is there a back-up battery that works for the stairlifts, or is it powered only by a direct power outlet?

Each stairlift that we offer comes with its own on-board battery. This means that it will still run in the event of a power interruption. But for this battery to remain charged, there needs to be an electrical outlet near the top of your stairs. If an outlet is not readily available, our team can help you to install an adequate electrical outlet during the installation of the product.

Will the stairlift work in case of a power interruption?

During the design of the unit, we incorporate a built-in battery which can provide the power to the lift in case of emergencies, like a power interruption. When the battery is fully charged, the unit can travel and operate about 6 to 8 trips up and down. If the lift that has been installed in your home is fitted with the power swivel seat, you may need to use the hand-operated swivel lever during a power failure.

How long can the battery in the stairlift lasts?
It depends on how often they are used, but generally they last between 3 and 5 years and can easily be replaced.
How can I charge the battery of the stairlift?

The stairlift’s battery will continue to be charged all the time as long as there is power being supplied from the electrical outlet that is dedicated for the stairlift.

Does the operation of the stairlift create loud noises?

Our stairlifts are battery powered and thus very quiet and they also provide a nice comfortable, steady smooth ride.

Can I choose the color for my stairlift?

Yes, our stairlifts are available in a variety of different upholstery materials including cloth, vinyl, and leather and have many color options that allow you to match the lift to your home’s décor.

What are the benefits associated with a power swivel? Is this a recommended add-on?

When you contact our support team and order a new stairlift, you are given the option to choose from the one way or the two-way power swivel seat. The great thing about the power swivel seat is that it can provide support to individuals with weak hands or arms. This feature can guide the person when he moves back and forth, such as from a wheelchair to the lift and back to a wheelchair.

Is it difficult to operate and use the stairlift?

All our stairlifts are engineered to be uncomplicated and very easy to operate by anyone, left or right handed and with very little effort.

How fast will my stairlift move and travel up and down the stairs?

The speed and operations of your new stairlift is regulated at 0.01 meters per second, and it comes with an over-speeding protection. In short, if you travel from the ground floor to the second floor, your trip will take an average of 55 seconds.

Can we order a stairlift with a perching or standing position?

Yes, we can provide you with the Sadler stairlilft. This Stannah model is best for passengers with weaker hips and knees, or who have poor flexibility. The Sadler can work as an alternative to the traditional seated stairlift. Using the Sadler will allow you to remain mostly standing, while focusing most of your weight on the Sadler’s angled seat. The Sadler will also work well in areas with narrow stairs.

Customer Support

I currently don’t have a contract for service. Can I still request a service repair for my lift?

Since we are committed to providing our customers in Indonesia and the rest of Asia with the best support and service, we also offer help to customers who do not not currently have any service contract. When you contact us, we can send our best people to check and repair the lift on-site.

I no longer need the services of my lift. Can you remove this lift from our home?

Yes, we can also help you out in removing a lift from your home or building. This is part of the lifetime service guarantee of the product. And once this lift has been removed, our team of experts will plan out the best course of action on how to dispose said lift, based on existing environmental laws and regulations.