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Passenger Lift

Although aging is a welcome development in one’s life and helps in maturity and gaining wisdom, it also comes with certain challenges. For example, the elderly will find it difficult to move around the house, or to simply enjoy the activities that they used to love. If you are having the same problem in your home, then one of the best solution is to use a product that can carry you from one floor to the next.

This is best done by a lift, which is readily available in Indonesia from CSAccess Technology Indonesia; lift solutions are available in different design configurations and features for a comfortable and safe moving experience.

The addition of lifts in the home is a safe and cost-effective decision, if one takes into account the common dangers faced by the elderly when they are alone while navigating the environment around them. In fact, according to a Health Ministry study in Malaysia, 13.5% of all elderly injuries are related to falls. Now, this can be avoided in your home by investing in a lift, with different types and models available in various designs and safety features. Contact our company today to gain access to some of the best lift and elevator products that include:

If you want to be seated when moving up and down the stairs of your home or other building, then stairlifts can help. This type of lift is attached to a track, allowing it to move along the stairs.

Each stairlift comes with safety solutions and a smart technology to ensure ease of use, like ergonomic controls and on-board batteries. As a highly flexible type of home and building lift, stairlift can work on curved and straight staircases, and can work both indoors and outdoors.

For persons who move around in wheelchairs, the inclined platform lifts are highly recommended.

Use this lift design technology on curved and straight staircases, which can even work on narrow stairs. When not in use, the platform lifts can be folded up, thus freeing up precious space on the stairs.

Think of the home lifts as your personal elevators that you can use to navigate different floors of your home or a building.

This is considered as a low maintenance and high technology solution for your home, which can improve your mobility while its addition may not compromise the structural integrity of your building. This can even work inside or outside of your building.

Your home should be a place where you can relax and feel safe. While getting older will limit your movements, there are mobility products that are available that can keep you safe as you stay active. Contact our team today to learn more about our mobility products and solutions; our customer service team can help you choose the best equipment for home or building use.

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