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Home Lifts For Sale

Home lifts are great product alternatives to costly commercial elevators and escalators, yet are able to provide you with comfort and mobility, at any time of the day.

Consider these as moving solutions for your home, without compromising the role of your stairs for other members of the household.

And this is exactly what we offer here at CSAccess Technology – we can provide you with new home lifts in Indonesia that are not only affordable, but also truly reliable.

Among the top picks when it comes to home lifts are the Midilift, Duo and Trio.

Midilift XL

Home lift with glass structure

Duo Classic

Full-height Home Lift

Trio Classic

Full-height Home Lift

Midilift for 4 Passengers

Midilift is a four-man vertical elevator ideal for heavy-duty use in your home or other building.

This lift can be installed inside as well as outside your house or building, while offering you with the highest mobility to get from floor to floor.

The Midilift is often used in hospitals or clinics to accommodate people with mobility or health issues. Its standard load capacity to up to 400 kilograms with a footprint size of 1330 by 1530 millimeters.

This home lift can be occupied by a mix of individuals and wheelchair-bound passengers, thanks to its high passenger capacity.

Midilift XL

Able to travel up to 12 meters

Midilift SL

Able to travel up to 7 meters

Footprint size of 1210x1410 or 1330x1530 (in milimeters)

Up to 400kg standard load capacity

Trio Lift for 3 Passengers

The Trio is another great alternative to other platform lifts, giving you a maximum capacity of three passengers. It is completely accessible to wheelchair users with its spacious cab interior.

And the generous capacity allows the lift to handle an increased load over the duo, be it people or luggage.

This lift can also be installed almost in any part of the home – it can be installed easily and conveniently, with minimal impact on your home, and is available in three different variants:

Trio Classic

With half-height or full-height doors

Trio Vista

With see-through half-height or full-height door panels

Trio Vista

With half-height or full-height doors that allows you to be able to enter or exit from the front and the rear of the lift

Compact 1.25 sq m footprint

Up to 3 passengers or a wheelchair

Duo Lift for 2 Passengers

Duo Lift is another addition to the moving market of home lift systems.n This lift can hold up to 2 passengers, which is particularly good for home use – it is best if you have limited space in your home, yet you still need to improve your mobility from floor to floor.

Although this has the lowest cost compared to other home lifts, the quality of the Duo is assured while it is developed with the highest level of flexibility and construction.

The best thing about the Duo is its inconspicuousness as it can even be concealed in other parts of the home like a closet. Like the Trio, the Duo is also available in 3 variants:

Duo Classic

With half-height or full-height doors

Duo Vista

With see-through half-height or full-height door panels

Duo Thru Car

With half-height or full-height doors that allows you to be able to enter or exit from the front and the rear of the lift

Small 0.62 sq m footprint

Up to 2 passengers

Home lifts act like a stairlift or inclined platform lift, helping to promote mobility in your home. Getting stranded while using one of these home lifts will never an issue as they are powered by battery packs that work even when there is a power outage.

Whether you are from Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore, you can always find the best product solutions to improve your safety and mobility from CSAccess Technology. Contact us to find the quality lift solution that is designed to meet your needs for mobility, safety and convenience.

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