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If your home or apartment requires an elevator to simplify your movement from one level to the next, then the Stannah Midilift works as your best choice.

Designed like a traditional elevator in a beautiful hotel or commercial building, the Midilift home lift will do wonders in your home, as it will provide you with a platform to easily access the floors in your home. As one of the most popular products from Stannah, this Midilift ensures the protection of the passengers at all times and can even work for commercial applications.

As a highly flexible and scalable professional lift, the Midilift can be installed inside, or it can be installed outside your home yet still fully accessible from the indoors.

If you are planning to add a new lift in your property in Indonesia, do not worry about the size or even ceiling height of your home since the Midilift comes with a variety of options. This means that anyone can customize this professional lift to suit a variety of applications, whether indoors or outdoors. Once installed by our professional, you can count on a safe home lift, and this is backed by the Stannah brand.

Use With Confidence

The Midilift can be installed indoors or outdoors in your home, yet will provide the same integrity and reliability expected in a more expensive commercial elevator. This is by far the biggest home lift from CSAccess Technology, which means that it can accommodate higher loads compared to other models out in the market.

As a solid product from Stannah, this beautiful home lift is self-supporting, and will not require the use of another machine room to support its operations. When you look at this home lift model, you will discover that there are 3 variants to choose from, one or more of which should easily fit your lifestyle and needs. For example, if your property features a low room ceiling, the option is to get its half-height door lift model. This allows you to use this home lift in areas of the property with limited space, like the mezzanine.

Using this home lift will also promote convenience for all individuals who travel using a wheelchair, or who need to use walking aids. Also, this home lift is aesthetically pleasing and available in attractive trims and colors to match your décor and preferences.

Outdoor Movement Made Easy

Installing the Midilift home lift is possible in the outdoors, thanks to the use of weather-resistant materials that seals off the unit. It also includes powder-coating to protect the components from rust or corrosion. You can be assured that when our professionals install the Midilift outside of your home or property, it will work for years.


Highly flexible home lift that can be installed indoors or outdoors

Option for limited alteration to your home

Economical way to allow seniors and the disabled move from one floor to another

Low electrical consumption with backup battery available

Supports up to 400 kg

Works for home, apartment or even hotels

Include the Midilift home lift a part of your planning when making your home or apartment safe for the disabled and the elderly. Contact us now to find out more about the Midilift and other lift products that will help to keep your home safe for everyone.

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