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Trio Lift

Larger than the Duo, the Trio home lift from CSAccess Technology is a compact mobility solution that can work for not only homes but also hotels and other business establishments in Indonesia. With its size and compact design, the Trio is easily able to move a person in wheelchair. Read on to discover the features of this mobility product.

Product Background

The Trio is optimized to accommodate up to three passengers at a time as well as being able to handle a standard-sized wheelchair.

Although this is slightly bigger than the Duo, the Trio is still a compact home lift product that can work wonders in your home or building, as it can practically be installed anywhere in your home and thus able to offer convenient access to the different parts of your home.

As a low-cost option for many homes in Indonesia, this lift product has a sturdy construction and can work as an alternative to the more expensive elevators that are normally used for hotels and commercial buildings.

In-Depth Look at the Features

Compact design

With its compact design, the Trio can be installed anywhere.

Custom rail system

The Trio comes with a unique rail design that allows it to stand and support itself. In addition, a separate room or space for the motor is not required due to the motor being integral to the lift. And when it comes to powering the unit, you only need a standard 13-amp wall plug – no special electrical wiring will need to be installed.

Easy installation

There is no need to drastically alter the structure of your home. If you do a computation and compare the costs of moving to a new home with an elevator and installing the Trio home Lift, you will discover that the Trio is the most economical option available.

Variants to Consider

With the Trio, you will discover three attractive variants of this product: the Trio Vista, Trio Classic and Trio Thru-Car.

Trio Classic

The Classic is a compact product that works well with individuals using a wheelchair or walking frame at a very competitive price.

Trio Vista

The Trio Vista is made with polycarbonate see-through structural materials that aids in providing an open design.

Trio Thru Car

The Trio Thru Car goes a step further by offering two ways of exit and entrance, from the back and/or the front.

Safety Features to Expect

For your home, sign up for the Trio home lift that is loaded with these safety features:

Door sensor to look for objects in the doorway before it closes

Sensors to detects weight imbalances

Sensors to detect overloads

Speed of the lift is controlled to ensure a safe journey

Battery backup so that you are not stranded in the lift when there is a blackout

Locking key available to prevent unauthorized use of the lift

Safety cut-off switch is included

Optional Features

Custom colors and choice of opaque or transparent doors

Installation of an interior telephone

Folding chair for more comfort while using the lift

Trio Home Lift Specifications

Look at the specifications of the Tio and discover a new way to access your floors at home. When mobility and safety becomes a problem, don’t hesitate to contact us for lift mobility products for your home – we can help you find the lift product that works best for you.


Roped drum, braked gear motor drive

Power Supply

220 – 240v AC | 5 Amps

Maximum Load

220kg | 35st | 485lbs

Maximum Travel

3.6 Metres

Entrance Security

Full height light curtain / motion sensor – optional full height door

Maximum Speed

12cm / Second


2 year parts and 1 year labour warranty (one service included)


European Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC & Australian Standard 1735 Part 15

Rope Diameter

6mm Galvanized steel rope

Additional Sensors

Out-of-balance & overload, overspeed detection and light curtain

Lighting Type

4 x 3w LED downlights

Landing Call Stations

2 Wireless remote control units – call / send facility (3 x standard aaa batteries in each


Typical installation takes two days/td>


Hold-to-run controls


Single entry or double entry / thru-car

The Stannah Trio Footprints

Footprint for the Trio Classic Home Lift

(Click the image to view a larger version)

Footprint for the Trio Thru Car Home Lift

(Click the image to view a larger version)

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