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Inclined Platform Lift

At CSAccess Technology, you can choose from two types of inclined platform lifts that are designed to improve the mobility of our Indonesian customers in their homes.

These inclined platform lifts are highly recommended if it is not possible to install and use a traditional elevator in your home. Read on to learn more about the inclined platform lifts and to find the right one that is best for your home.

Slim Inclined Platform Lifts

Wheelchair platform lift for stairs with curves

Logic Inclined Platform Lifts

Wheelchair platform lift for straight stairs

Two Inclined Platform Lift Models Are Available

Logic Inclined Platform Lifts

This is the best unit to use if your home features a straight staircase. In addition, the Logic can easily work even outside the building.

Just like the other products offered by CSAccess Technology, the Logic is made with quality in mind. This unit is constructed from aluminum rails that makes this a great lift for home use.

Installing this inclined platform lift for use in the outdoors is also never a problem, thanks to the use of galvanized, weather-proof rails. The lift also features weather-protected wiring and electronics that allows it to work at any weather conditions.

Its safety features are top-notch too, with all components are enclosed in a safety cage. Closing and opening of the bars can also be done automatically. Moreover, the Logic has a higher load capacity and can easily accommodate your wheelchair in a safe manner.

Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use

It comes with aluminum rails which makes it a durable addition inside your home, and the galvanized rails make this home lift an ideal addition for the outdoors.

Safety Assured

All components are enclosed and properly protected.

Slim Inclined Platform Lifts

Sometimes, you need to work around a limited and narrow space for your lift. If this is the case, the Slim inclined platform lift will provide you with the answers.

Compared to other residential lifts that are bulky and may occupy too much space, the Slim has a very small footprint and is easy to install. As one of the smallest lifts available, it can even work in tight spaces. Here are the other advantages that you can get with the Slim:

Ultra-Comfortable and Safe

The Slim may be small but it delivers all the comfortable features that the elderly and the handicapped needs. It also comes with a clean and smart design, which makes it a great addition to your home.

Safe and Easy to Maintain

The Slim has contact sensors to keep passengers and those around them safe at all times. The components and electrical components are also designed to ensure a longer lifespan of the lift for your home.

Make your next selection of a lift for your home be a great one with an inclined. Contact us and we can help you find the right inclined platform lift or another type of elevator that will perfectly meet your needs.

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