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Inclined Wheelchair Lift

As part of the commitment to provide our customers in Indonesia with highly durable and reliable home lifts, CSAccess Technology is happy to offer the Logic inclined platform lift.

The Logic can work for staircases that are straight, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Listed below are some of the important details and information about the Logic inclined platform lift.

Design Details

The Logic inclined platform lift works best for your straight stairs and as such, is designed with a wider platform that it can easily accommodate your wheelchair as it transports you from one level to the next in your home. In addition, the Logic also scores high when it comes to loading capacity – up to 250 kg.

This inclined platform lift is modular in design, allowing the unit to be installed quickly and with ease.

The reliability of this lifting equipment is also assured since it is manufactured using heavy-duty materials that can easily withstand the challenges and pressures associated with outdoor applications. With its high-quality construction in the form of anodized aluminum frame, sealed motor and components, and powder-coated metal, this inclined platform lift is the perfect answer for households in need of reliable mobility solutions.


Stair Width 850 mm (min)
Dimensions Platform: 750 mm x 600 mm (min) / 1,250 mm x 800 mm (max)

Overall With Platform Closed: 350 mm (min)

Rails Overall: 115 mm (min)

Load Capacity 250Kg (daN)
Surmountable Inclinations 10˚ – 45 ˚
Control Circuit Voltage 24VDC
Speed 0.1m/s (max)
Soft-Start / Soft-Stop System Standard
Installation Indoors / Outdoors

Features to Expect

Mobility and your life becomes easier thanks to the features that are included in the Logic inclined platform lift.

Although this unit supports a higher load, it has rails that can be folded easily, thus ensuring that the staircase will be kept open for other activities and for other people using the stairs.

Controls are ergonomically located on both sides of the lift, allowing you to control the Logic confidently. As a highly flexible product, it allows access from either side and thanks to safety rails that can be lowered, you will no fear of rolling off the platform when it is in motion.

You can also count on an optional chair seat, which can be folded down in case you want to use this lift product without a wheelchair.

And when you use the Logic, it will operate seamlessly, stopping and moving in a smooth manner. When it comes to controls, you are given two types of controls: a wireless and a wired type. With the use of these remote controls, another person in your home can control the operations of the inclined platform lift.

Safety Additions

Safety is assured when you use the Logic inclined platform lift. To keep you safe, this lift features:

Safety arms that can be lowered

Battery powered to ensure continued operation during blackouts

Safety tone to signify movement

Emergency button that is easy to use

Onboard sensors that can stop the unit when necessary

Overload sensor to ensure the loading capacity is not exceeded

You can count on the Logic inclined platform lift as one of the best choices for staying mobile on staircases, not only for residential use but also for commercial and public buildings. As a cost-effective lift, its installation will keep you safe while supporting the mobility needs of those who need to use a wheelchair, such as the elderly or the disabled.

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