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Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift

The Slim inclined platform lift is a perfect addition to any home and building in Indonesia.

When a vertical elevator is not enough or simply will not work for you, an inclined platform lift like the Slim is a great alternative, especially if you are faced with a curved or bent and narrow staircase.

Read on to know more about this inclined platform lift.

Design Considerations

The Slim is highly recommended in places where space is limited and can work efficiently when your home has curved and narrow staircases.

Although the footprint is small, the durability and performance of this lift is not compromised. Instead of using a larger body, this access lift omits the on-board traction unit.

Through innovation and attention to design and details, the Slim is one of the smallest and most compact mobility solutions out there. With its quality construction, design and features, this lift is a flexible solution for your home, for both indoor and outdoor use. And as a highly intelligent lift, the Slim comes with a number of features and add-ons that include:

Easy to use start/stop system

Accessible from the sides

Warning alarms

Wireless remote control

Wired controlled as an option

Easy to maintain and install

On-board controls on both sides

Folding chair as an option

Product Specifications

Width of Stairs At least 895 mm
Product Dimensions

750 mm x 600 mm (minimum) /1,250 mm x 800 mm (maximum)

305 mm when platform closed

Capacity Up to 225 kg
Incline Up to 60 degrees
Power Source 1.1 / 1.5KW
Soft-Start / Soft-Stop System Standard
Installation Can be installed indoors or outdoors

Keeping You Safe All the Time

The Slim is manufactured with the safety of passengers and users in mind. Here are some of the critical safety features of the Slim:

Emergency stop button with an audible alarm

Switch to lock the inclined platform lift when not in use

Slip-resistant surface on the folding platform

Sensors that stops the lift if an object is detected along its path

Safety ramps to prevent a wheelchair from rolling off the platform while in motion

Battery-powered to provide continuous service during power outages

The Slim inclined platform lift is a perfect investment if you are looking for a highly reliable lift that can work even in tight spaces on the stairs, or when you are faced with a curved staircase. If this is what you are looking for, contact us to get the Slim or any other lift product that you need.

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