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Outdoor Stairlifts

Stannah stairlifts are not just designed for indoor use; you can also find an outdoor stairlift model that can withstand the test of changing weather conditions. If you are looking for a reliable outdoor mobility products for your home or business in Indonesia, the Stannah Outdoor 320 stairlift will clearly meet your needs.

Designed by Stannah, the leading provider of dependable lifts, this outdoor mobility product can finally solve your mobility woes.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Foldaway seat to leave access for others

Outdoor Stairlifts

Designed to work all year round

When you contact CSAccess Technology Indonesia today, you can count on a professional team who will install this quality stairlift, which can be used on straight or curved stairs, and can be bolted onto a variety of floor and stair surfaces including brick, solid wood, steel, solid stone and concrete.

Safety Assured Even for Outdoor Installation

Outdoor installation of stairlifts not only require a great product, but also the expertise of professionals who will be installing it. On both counts, CSAccess Technology can deliver the goods with a customer-friendly service. Use the Outdoor 320 outside your home, and you can enjoy the following safety options and features:

Easy-To-Use and Maintain

There is no need to master complicated controls or read a lengthy manual just to use the unit. The stairlift chair is easy to use, and offers you a design that allows easy access and exit.

Safety Sensors

These sensors are in place along the edge of the stairlilft to keep track of any objects that may interfere with its movement.

Battery In-Place

As an outdoor mobility product, this unit comes with a battery that supports its operations any time. No power stoppage can stop you from enjoying its services.

Locking Key System

Consider this as an important safety feature that will immobilize the unit whenever you want to. This can serve as an intelligent protection especially if you have kids in the house.

Ultra-Reliable Outdoor Lift, Packed with Friendly Features

Your comfort and convenience are assured thanks to the addition of these impressive and friendly features:

Seat Swivel

This can be operated manually, using the handles that are included on both sides of the chair lift. With the use of the swivel feature, you can easily transfer from your seat to the wheelchair and vice versa.

Chair Controls

The controls are conveniently placed on the armrest, allowing you to control the stairlift once you are seated.

Foldable Space-Saver

If not in use, this outdoor stairlift can be folded by simply lifting its armrest, footrest and seat. Once done, you can free up precious stair space.

Summoning Stations

This feature will allow you to order the mobility lift up or down to where you are, or to send the chair to someone else.

Weather-Resistant, Perfect for Outdoor Use

When looking for a quality outdoor lift for your home, this Stannah Outdoor 320 stairlift fits the bill for reliable operation in any weather condition.

Aside from durable rails that resist rain and changing weather, the motors and electrical equipment are also properly sealed. The seat is also protected by the use of a protective vinyl cover. Install this mobility solution and enjoy the outdoor lift chair that is dust, rain and salt-air resistant.

Resistant to heat and cold

Resistant to rain & moisture

Resistant to dust

Resistant to salty air from the sea

Electronics and controls are sealed against the weather

Rails are corrosion resistant

Protective covering against inclement weather

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