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Stand Up Stair Lift

The choice of stairlifts for home use in Indonesia is often defined by lifestyle needs and health considerations, more than the price.

And on this count, the Stannah Sadler is considered one of the best choices, especially for individuals who have knee or hip problems.

The Sadler is a highly dependable stairlift for your home, which can work well for narrow staircases as well as for other types of stairs, from curved to straight.

Sadler Stairlifts

Keep Upright

Unique design helping users maintain a more upright posture


Designed specifically for people with limited flexibility

Tilting Seat

Innovative saddle-style seat lowers and raises with you

Just like other stairlifts for use in homes and buildings in Indonesia, the rail assembly is assembled on-site for correct fit, and the rails are securely bolted to the floor or stairs for complete safety and security.

As a leading supplier of residential lift products in Indonesia, you can count on CSAccess Technology to complete the job in a most satisfying manner and to provide you with the very best that you need.

Putting Safety First

Safety-wise, the Sadler is ready for the job and more. Here are some of the top safety features which are incorporated in every Sadler stairlift ordered from us:

Seatbelt Sensor

This ensures the passenger’s safety when using the stairlift. If the sensor notices that the seatbelt is not properly used or secured, the stairlift will not move.

Works for Narrow Stairs

Compared to other stairlift chairs, the Sadler is designed in to be ridden in a semi-standing position, allowing it to minimize the space it needs on the stairs.

Powered by Batteries

Mobility inside your home should not be compromised by power interruptions. The Sadler stairlift for your home comes with onboard batteries that is kept continuously charges and will continues to do its job even when the main source of power has been cut off.

Edge Sensors

These sensors are located on the lower part of the unit, and it stops the chair when it encounters any type of obstructions on the staircase.

Standard Features

Get In and Out Fast

Since this home stairlift is designed as a semi-standing unit, you will find it easier to get on and off the stairlift.

Easy to Fold and Store

Designed for narrow stairs, this new lift chair can be folded in just one step. There is no need to bend just to fold and unfold the footrest on this unit – just lift the armrest and the footrest will instantly fold. This is an especially helpful feature for individuals who have weak knees.

Space Saver

The Sadler can be folded when not in use, thus freeing up stair space in your home that can thus be used for other purposes.

Smart Controls

Stannah ensures that the controls are smartly located on the unit. Our professional team can even install controls on the walls of your home in different levels.

Elegant Design for Improvement Mobility

What makes these stairlifts truly standout is the presence of custom aesthetic options. In its basic form, the lift chair comes with a good-looking wood trim, covered in luxurious fabric upholstery.

More than just the looks, your comfort and movement with this chair lift are secured, even in narrow stairs.

Contact us and get your new Sadler from our professional team now, and put an end to your worries.

We can provide you with free on-site consultations so you can check the design, and examine the tech and features that come with every stairlift product.

Our Lift Experts Are Here To Help

We are your home lift and custom elevator experts in Indonesia, and we can provide you with the best name and products in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about the residential lift options available.

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