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Stannah Siena

With its high-load capacity and great looks, the Stannah Siena remains as one of the best and most popular stairlifts for homes and buildings in Indonesia.

Its workmanship and design allows this stairlift to be used on curved and straight staircases.

This is securely attached to the stair with the use of the bespoke rail system, which is fabricated on-site to ensure compatibility and qualityThe stairlift is installed on the floor or the stair step, and no equipment is attached to the walls of your home.

When it comes to reliability, this Stannah stairlift for your home is an obvious choice, which strikes the right balance between high load capacity and safety features.

Siena Stairlifts

As Easy As Pie

Getting up & down your stairs easily

Tailored For You

The Siena stairlift can be tailored to your specific needs and taste

Siena Stairlifts

Designed For Curved And Straight Staircases

Highly versatile stairlift that can be installed on a huge variety of staircases

Footrest Fold Options

With Siena, you do not need to bend down to lift the footrest

Siena Stairlifts

Removable Key

Stay safe with a removable key on the Siena stairlift

Premium Features Available for Your Safety

Seat Load Sensor

The stairlift will only move once it confirms that you are properly seated, and ready to move.

Reliable Battery

You can expect uninterrupted operation of the stairlift with the presence of the battery.


You can confidently ride this stair lift every time with the use of a seatbelt or lap restraint.

Safety Edges

The stairlift is sensitive to its surroundings and if tracks a foreign object in its way, it will automatically stop.

Impressive Features to Keep You Satisfied

Folding and storing the Siena is easy, and you can complete the action with just one step. Also, the controls of the lifts are strategically positioned, allowing you to control its movement with confidence.

Moving from the lift to your wheelchair can also be done with ease, thanks to a seat swivel that can be operated manually. You can also use a swivel that is power-operated.

To complete the control of the stairlift, its design includes controls that are strategically mounted on the walls for you to call the Siena to where you are on the stairs.

Just as importantly, the Siena takes less space when not in use: you can fold it away with just one action, keeping the space on your stairs open for other members of the household.

In addition, the Siena is also rated for up to 160 kg, thus it can work for heavy persons as well.

Elegance and Practicality, Combined

Compared to other commercial stairlifts, Siena’s design comes with the right mix of elegance and practicality.

When you first use the product, you will immediately notice that the stairlift is designed to last longer. Each stairlift comes with a vinyl covering which is available in different colors. Similarly, the railings can also be customized to meet your needs.

In addition, the seat height and arm rest can be adjusted to suit your personal requirements. Just contact us right now so we can provide you with a bespoke stairlift solutions for your home.

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