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Sofia Electric Chair Lift For Stairs

Electric stairlifts come in various forms and can work for different types of chairs. For curved and straight chairs, the most suitable option is the Sofia from Stannah, a leading brand for many homeowners in Indonesia.

To ensure the safety and structural integrity of this stair lift, the Sofia is attached securely on the stair steps and the floor, without the use of any support equipment. The dependability of these platforms from Stannah are certified by professionals who will personally install these lifts for home or office use. Backed by the strict quality requirements of Stannah, what you can get is a quality stairlift for homes and buildings in Indonesia. To learn more about this electric stairlift from Stannah, contact CSAccess Technology today and see why this is the most preferred stairlift platform in Indonesia.

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Adjustable Armrests

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Red Woven Model

Safe and Highly Convenient Features to Love

With a wide array of safety and convenient features, the installation of this stairlift can definitely improve the mobility and satisfaction of the elderly.

Load Sensor

Each seat comes with a load sensor which tracks and monitors the presence of the passenger. If the passenger is not yet completely seated, the sensor will prevent the electric stair lift from moving, thus promoting safety.

Battery Powered

With a onboard battery in place, the Sofia will work every time, even during unexpected power interruptions.


Safety of the passengers are enhanced with the presence of the single-hand harness.

Safety Edges

This feature will track for the presence of foreign objects that may get into contact with the chair.

Practicality Assured with the Sofia Stairlift

One-step folding

This electric chair easily folds and opens in just one step. There is no need to bend down just to adjust the chair for your needs.

Swivel Levers

There is ease for entry and exit with the use of the swivel levers, which can be controlled with just one button. We also offers a power swivel electric chair, which is fitted with the simple switch.

Edge and seat load sensors

Both sensors protect the users of this stairlift. The edge sensor monitors for any unwanted objects that may get into contact with the chair as it is moving, and the seat load sensor ensures that you are securely seated before this unit will operate. The use of these sensors will protect the passengers as well as those aroung them.

For improved convenience, our team will install controls on the walls in different levels of your home. Once fully installed, you can use the stairlift platform and see an improvement in convenience and mobility.

Detailed Specifications

Suitable For
  • Straight Stairs
  • Curved Stairs
  • Narrow Stairs
Straight stairs
  • Width: 342mm (folded), 654mm (unfolded)
  • Seat height: 390mm (min), 460mm (max)
  • Maximum load: Maximum one person up to 135kg
Curved stairs
  • Width: 405mm (folded), 679mm (unfolded)
  • Seat height: 525mm
  • Maximum load: Maximum one person up to 135kg


Power Supply A standard electrical outlet will be required for the stairlift, to keep its battery charged
Safety features
  • Easy-to-use seatbelt that can be fastened single-handedly
  • Armrest button to fold the footrest (optional)
  • Load sensor ensures passenger is securely seated before the chair moves
  • Edge sensors ensures that the chair stops immediately when it encounters an obstruction

Customizable Upholstery & Colors

(Model shown is for Sofia for straight stairs)

With the Sofia from Stannah, you can finally have a professional stairlift product designed to meet your needs. Contact us today to search for the right design, color and upholstery options for your custom chairs for home.

Leather Upholstery

Black Leather

Cocoa Leather

Cream Leather

Oyster Leather

Slate Leather

Woven Upholstery

Mustard Woven

Green Woven

Stone Woven

Red Woven

Blue Woven

Vinyl Upholstery

Sand Vinyl

Lavender Vinyl

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