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Stannah Starla

Stairlifts are available in different designs and various price points, and each product comes with its own set of advantages. For homeowners in Indonesia looking for a heavy-duty stairlift, the Starla is the best option. Highly rated at up to 160kg, this mobility solution for your home can work for different types of stairs.

What makes this mobility chair different is its design and construction, with custom-fabricated rails attached securely to the steps. No support rails or connectors are attached to the walls, thus protecting the integrity of your home’s walls.

Starla Stairlifts

Customized colour options available

Starla chairlifts gives you greater choice

Designed for curved and straight staircases

Highly versatile and can be installed on a huge variety of staircases

Starla Stairlifts

Easy and safe to use

Seatbelt can be fastened with one hand

Remote control

Control at your finger tips

Footrest fold options

No need to bend down to lift or fold the footrest

Stannah is known for offering elegant stairlifts, and this is seen in the Starla, which is competitively priced for homeowners and buyers in Indonesia. If you want the best mobility chair today, contact us for a free no-obligation site survey and to advise you on the options available.

Safety Assured in Every Stannah Stairlift

Safety is assured every time you use the Starla at home. Here are some of the popular and tested safety features that you can expect from the Starla:

Load Sensor

The stairlift will only move once it can monitor that the passenger is securely seated and ready.

One-Handed Seatbelt

Mobility will be safe, and this is made possible with the use of the one-handed seatbelt.

Built-In Battery

Access to the different levels of your home will not be interrupted by power interruptions. For easy access of your home, the lifts are fitted with on-board batteries.

Safety Edges

This unit will stop if it notices a foreign object along its track, thus promoting the safety of the passenger and those around at home.

Full-Featured Stairlift for Your Home

You are on top of things when you allow our professional team to install the Starla in your home. Sign up for the stairlift, and enjoy the following features:

Control the Stairlift with Ease

Controls are easy to access, and these are truly responsive with every touch. To help you to improve your mobility at home, wall-mounted controls are also present at different levels of your home.

Folding Made Easy

You can fold and unfold the unit in one step, without the need to bend over or use a number of controls.

The design of the new Starla will allow you to easily transfer from the stairlift to the wheelchair, thanks to the use of a chair swivel that is activated by a lever. We also give you the option to use the push button swivel on the lift. On top of these popular safety and convenient features, this stairlift from Starla also includes ergonomic controls, optional footrest, safety harness and key to prevent unauthorized use.

Starla from Stannah – An Elegant Brand for Your Home

The beauty and quality of the Starla can be found in the details, especially the upholstery options.

Different fabric and wood trim colors are also available.

The railing can be customized to for a more modern approach to design. And when this unit will be installed in your home, the Starla will be covered by supple covering.

Contact us to find out more about the Starla and about how it will help to improve your mobility at home.

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